Sharing our passion for nature and raising awareness about conservation issues impacting our world.

A little about Michelle...

My grandma always called me her “Little Eskimo” since I was born at the Fort Wainwright U.S. Army base in Fairbanks, Alaska.  I began my lifelong love of nature at a very young age, when I accompanied my mom on an ecology field trip and found a tiny nest of hummingbird eggs about to hatch.  My family camped, hiked, and drove through almost all 48 contiguous states before I entered college.  Between then and now, I’ve called twenty-three places “home” and found something interesting about every one of them. And what better way to document all the nature and places I saw, but with my little point-and-shoot camera?

With a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry, as well as an MBA, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Colorado, New York and Pennsylvania. Through opportunities within my career as a Project Director, as well as independently with my husband, I have journeyed and photographed over 70 countries across six continents.  What I learned from my corporate and travel experiences are a strong set of transferrable skills around being organized, keeping communication open, working as a team, being sensitive to cultural differences, solving problems creatively and (perhaps most important) being flexible. 

I currently live with my husband near the Delaware Bay and volunteer at a nearby wildlife refuge and zoological gardens. I just received my MFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and am dedicated to my photo-documentary thesis work on raising awareness about threatened and endangered wildlife and plants.  The drastic change in lifestyle from corporate to academic life has allowed me to explore the less tangible qualities of life such as how experiences can change what we see, how challenges and disruptions can help us find our way, and how much of an impact one person can actually make in the world.